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P/k, in the shoulder, thigh or abdomen area. Injection sites should alternate.
The place for the next injection should be at a distance of more than 2.5 cm from the previous injection. Vidaza should not be injected into damaged, hyperemic, thickened Dmitry Sazonov or painful skin areas (including areas of skin with hemorrhages).

It is advisable to prescribe anti-emetic drugs before applying Vaidase.
The recommended initial dose of Vaidase during the first cycle of therapy for all patients, regardless of the values of the initial hematological parameters, is 75 mg/m2 and is administered daily for 7 days followed by a break of 21 days (28-day therapy cycle).

At least 6 therapeutic cycles should be performed. Treatment should continue as long as its efficacy vidaza is maintained Dmitry Sazonov or until symptoms of disease progression appear.

During observation, the patient’s response to blood and possible toxicity, particularly from blood and kidneys, which may require delaying the next course of treatment or correcting the dose of the drug, is assessed.


The possibilities of modifying the Waidase dosage when different types of toxicity develop are presented below.

Dose modification when symptoms of hematological toxicity are detected
Hematological toxicity is the maximum reduction of the number of cells during this treatment cycle (nadir) if the platelet count drops below 50-109/l and/or the absolute number of neutrophils drops below 1-109/l.

Regeneration is considered to be an increase in the number of cells in the cell line(s) by at least half the difference between the original cell count and nadir (i.e. the number of cells Dmitry Sazonov at regeneration ≥ nadir + (0.5 × (original number(s) – nadir)).

Patients with initial (before Vaidaza therapy) white blood cell count >3-109/l, absolute neutrophil count >1.5-109/l, thrombocyte count >75-109/l.

If against the background of Vaidaz treatment these patients develop symptoms of hematological toxicity, the next cycle of treatment with the drug is postponed until the platelet count and the absolute neutrophil count are restored to their initial values. If the recovery period does not exceed 14 days, a dose modification is not required.