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Oncology care includes the following basic mandatory rules:

  • Place the seriously ill person in a separate room or near a window.
  • The mattress should be of medium stiffness and have a waterproof fabric in the lumbar area. Bed linen for cancer patients is carefully ironed. The presence of folds on the sheet causes bedsores.
  • For these patients, doctors recommend using wool blankets.
  • By the patient’s bed, place a nightstand for storing medicines, hygiene products and personal items.
  • The headboard of an oncology patient should have a switch from a table lamp or wall light.
  • In the hospice near the patient’s bed, an emergency call button for medical personnel is mounted. If the oncological patient stays at home, a bell, a rubber toy or an empty glass with a spoon is used to inform the family about a sharp deterioration of his condition.
  • Often, cancer patients become difficult to drink from a cup. In such cases, you can use a special soldering iron or tube.
  • For patients with incontinence of urine and feces it is necessary to install adult diapers or disposable diapers.
  • Cancer patients should have several sets of cotton underwear, which ties are only in the front.
  • Air the room at least 6 times a day for 20 minutes. Wet cleaning should be done daily.
  • Allow the seriously ill to read books, watch TV or listen to the radio.
  • Care for a patient with cancer requires that all the wishes and needs of the patient are fulfilled. In this case, do not impose your will on the patient.
  • Gradually, the deteriorating health of the person should be accompanied by the constant presence of medical personnel. Often, for the comfort of such patients at night, there is a nightlight.
  • Ask the patient which of his friends and relatives he wants to see. Numerous visits to an oncological patient cause excessive fatigue.

How to avoid bedsores in cancer patients?


In oncological practice of oncological care, special attention is paid to the condition of the skin. Patient in a horizontal position should be regularly wiped with a wet towel. After that, the skin should be wiped dry.

In cancer patients may often have bedsores that occur in the spine, scapula, sacrum and buttocks. Such lesions of the skin are chronic in nature. Therefore, in oncology special attention is paid to the prevention of bedsores. To this end, it is necessary to change the patient’s position at least 10 times a day. Underwear and bed linen should be seamless, especially in the area of close contact between the body and bed. Doctors recommend treating these areas of the body with ammonia or camphor alcohol. Every day, the skin of the bedridden patient should be moisturized with creams and ointments.

If a bedsore is found in a cancer patient, this pathological area should be lubricated with antiseptic solution and nourishing cream. In the future, this area of skin is sprinkled with talc and streptocide.

The development of a soaking bedsore requires immediate consultation with an oncologist. Under no circumstances should this lesion be bandaged and treated with ointment.