Helping the patient deal with fears

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Patients who have experienced myocardial infarction remember the pain and fear they experienced at the time of the attack and But despite the fact that at discharge, doctors explain the causes of a heart attack, talk about a ruptured cholesterol plaque, patients sometimes do not take statins prescribed to them🤷🏽‍♀️

❓ It would seem, why? It’s illogical!

Male Doctor Examining Male Patient With Knee Pain

⭕️However, this is the case, and this is a big problem. Patients fall under the influence of medical misinformation with false facts about the dangers of statins, cholesterol safety and make a fatal mistake that could cost them their lives

✅Statins – the “gold standard” for correcting high levels of “bad” cholesterol (LDL), are one of the most widely used drug classes in the world. They appeared in 1987 and today are used by more than 200 million people worldwide every day.

Statins have been shown to be safe and effective in at least 27 large randomized clinical trials, each with at least 1000 patients.

The statins are so effective and safe that the most used one is even included in the World Health Organization’s 2019 Essential Medicines List.

“Unfortunately, in the information age, statins have fallen prey to disinformation.

The main myths on the slides➡️

🔵 There is absolutely no question that the benefits of statins far outweigh any risks
Check out quality health information sources and see for yourself.
The stakes are simply too high to do otherwise.

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