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General rules of hygiene and care for cancer patients

Specialists in the daily care of cancer patients recommend the following hygienic rules:

  • Regularly cut off fingernails and shave male patients. These procedures should be carried out carefully, preventing cuts and scratches to the skin.
  • Every day the eye area should be washed with weak solutions of chamomile, sage or tea brew.
  • Oral hygiene is to clean teeth with toothpaste and rinse with rinse aid. To prevent stomatitis, the patient’s gum is lubricated with anti-inflammatory solution.
  • In cancer patients at the extreme stages of malignant growth very often observed disorders of the digestive system. To regulate the stool, patients are periodically prescribed laxatives. If constipation lasts longer than five days, the patient is treated with a cleaning enema.

Nutrition of cancer patients


The diet of cancer patients should include easily digestible foods. But the quantitative composition of food should be sufficient to support the vital functions of the body. The number of meals should be 5-7 times a day. This division of the diet improves digestive function in cancer patients.

Feeding the cancer patient is done in a semi-sitting position. Also, it is not recommended to put the patient lying down immediately after meals. For drinking, the patient can be offered non-carbonated mineral water or a small amount of natural juice.

  • Cross-colored vegetables (white cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts).

These products include indole, which is a powerful enzyme with antioxidant properties. Scientific research has shown that indole can neutralize excess estrogen. It is with the excess of this hormone most oncologists connect the emergence of breast cancer. Different types of cabbage also contain an increased amount of ascorbic acid. Vitamin C, as everyone knows, increases the body’s resistance.

  • Soybeans

Regular use of soybeans helps to block the division processes in cancer tissues. These products also secrete highly active enzymes, which have a pronounced anticancer activity. Soybeans are involved in the removal of by-products after radiation therapy and the use of cytostatic cancer therapies. etc.

How to avoid pneumonia in cancer patients?


Another important aspect of caring for cancer patients are measures to prevent congestion of pneumonia. This complication is very often the cause of death in patients with stage 4 cancer. Inflammation of the lungs in such cases occurs as a result of staying motionless for a long time.

To prevent pneumonia, it is necessary to periodically turn the patient over, massaging the chest area, conducting breathing exercises. Also, care for cancer patients includes constant ventilation of the room where the patient is seriously ill.