The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society


Waterfalls do not exist where there is no height and rice can be planted only on wet grounds!

Our profound gratitude goes, first and foremost, to our patients whose various questions, activities and criticisms brought this idea to reality. Without teachers, schools and patients, there can be no formal training in oncology and the efforts of the following are therefore greatly appreciated; Arnold D. Rubin, MD, Gerry Rubin, MD, Alice Cohen, MD, Maya Shah, MD, G. Gurant, MD, N. Schact, MD, L. McEvoy, MSN, Alan E. Matook, MD, St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center, Paterson, NJ, St. Michael's Hospital, Newark, NJ, Medical students and residents in St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center, Trevor Layne, MD (for providing a healthy competition during and after the fellowship training).

The other people who have contributed immensely to the success of this website include the authors of the various topics on this website. The technical and administrative staff of, Inc. deserves a special mention because without them none of these is possible.

The following people have been very supportive and have also contributed significantly in offering useful advise about the website over the past year; Seanette, Alex Rabinovich, A. Amao, Boris Rabinovich, J. Bello Jr. RPh., Y. Eso, MD, B. Adisa RPh., M. Mogodi, M. Lucas, MA (for always being there), N. Eusores, T. Barrow, A. Adegunle, A. Onifade PhD, Samuel Afonja and Alice Adeduntan Alola, Aida Major, Rochelle Cain, BS, Maria Rivera, Santos and Steve.

We express our gratitude to the entire staff of PFS New Media, Inc.