Who decides what work is done ?

Essex Probation Area’s Unpaid Work Team has the ultimate decision on what projects or placements are suitable. We are fortunate in Essex that at present we have enough work to meet demand, although we are always looking for projects to consider for the future. Faith groups, voluntary organisations, local authorities and Crime & Disorder Reduction Partnerships are encouraged to put forward suggestions for potential work.

Group Projects – A good project is one that meets the following criteria:

  • Provides work for up to 6 – 8 offenders for at least a day
  • Provides a range of tasks
  • Provides opportunities to learn new skills
  • Provides constructive and worthwhile work, which can give offenders new skills
  • Provides benefit to the local community
  • May reduce the fear of crime by making the community feel safer

Long term projects that take a number of weeks to complete are always useful as these can help teach planning skills and provide a range of work, which may include clearing a site at the start to painting and decorating at the end. Group projects are always supervised by an Unpaid Work Supervisor or on-site project manager.